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Kulturbunkner Mülheim

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Berliner Str. 20
Dusseldorf, 51063 Germany
ph. 0049-221-616926
em. info@kulturbunker-muelheim.de


Dusseldorf Cologne Bonn

Non profit venue situated in an old overground air-raid shelter from WW2 in the city of Cologne, West Germany.

Host to many groups and artists from the scene of free jazz and improvised music, such as Paul Hubweber, Keiji Haino, Art Directors, MoHa!, Paul Lovens and more.

Directions: leave highqay a3 at exit koeln-muelheim and follow the road until you can only go left or right. here turn left onto cleviscehr ring, direction deutz, zentrum, zoo, messe. the clevischer ring is a fairly big road with several lanes, you have to stay on that for ca. 700 meters. at the first bigger juncton with light you need to turn left into berliner str. - the problem is, you are only allowed to go right or straight. you either go left anyway, or you turn right and make a u-turn and go straight accross into berliner str. the bunker comes up on your right hand side after 100 meters right after a little shop with blue windows called kodi. parking is free in front of the house, please ring bell at office/buero. number is: 0221-616926



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